Become a Handler for a season or a race

While I am used to personally taking care of my team on a daily basis, sometimes we welcome a motivated person to spend a season with us. The daily life of a handler is exciting, but it is also demanding and sometimes thankless: the cold, limited sunlight, and hard physical activity can be quite tiring.

You must be tough, resilient, attentive, and mentally strong...

Life in the far north is hard-earned but magical.

Days can start very early, and end very late. When the work with the dogs is finished, a helping hand on the farm is often necessary (cutting wood, repair, etc).

If these conditions do not frighten you, and you feel you are up to the challenge, then the experience is
unforgettable and rewarding!

Please note: being a handler requires a real willingness to commit; it is not a holiday.

Sometimes, I need a handler
to accompany me on a race.

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to discuss.

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