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Jean Philippe

After years of professional experience as a mechanic, Jean-Philippe left for Alaska, where he discovered his love for mushing. He returned to France with his first dogs, and began to compete shortly after.

After a few races in Scandinavia, Jean-Philippe and Stéphanie took the plunge, moving to a traditional Norwegian farm in 2009. Here, they are surrounded by pastures, forests, lakes, and mountains: an ideal place to train dogs. This move has allowed Jean-Philippe and his team to run and win long distance races (between 200 and 1000 km), and his hard work and drive has placed him among the best Scandinavian mushers.

Jean Philippe's prize list


For more than 20 years, Stéphanie has shared Jean-Philippe's life and love for sledding. Involved from the start in the training of the team, she educates and cares for new puppies, and deals with the logistics of the races.

In recent years, Stéphanie has devoted herself to our guesthouse: aside from welcoming visitors she deals with the logistics of such an enterprise, including setting up the farm, the accounting, and ensuring our guests are satisfied with their experience.


Sophie was born here, in Norway. At only a few weeks old she was discovering the joy of sledding and the wide open spaces of snow. Growing up in this natural environment, she often accompanies her father to his races, and has been taking care of the dogs from a very young age.

Life here has made her independent and capable. Starting off with her Zébulon sled and four dogs, she progressed to traveling along a 6km "ZigZag" track, she is now capable, at 11 years, of training four dogs over more than 50 km!
When we have children at the farm, she enjoys helping them discover her track, explaining the sled to them, and sharing with them these moments of happiness. Thanks to her, even the less daring children end up leading their own team.